Why Play Would You Rather From life hacks.io

There are many ways to be comfortable with someone for the first time. There is no doubt that you would want new friends or acquaintances, especially if you are attending social functions. It is in human nature to build and maintain relationships, even if you do not admit it. The simple but bold move would be for you to approach someone directly and just talk to them. Sometimes it would do the trick for you, sometimes it won’t. The secret to knowing if this method would work is to observe the person you will approach. If she looks open-minded then go ahead but if she does not, then you better change your ways. You can actually invite your friends and her friends to play games that are accorded to social functions. One good move is by playing the “would you rather” game. You can get good questions from life hacks.io. The questions there are new, fun, and exciting. lifehacks.io offers some in-depth insights on lifehacks.

Why Play This Game

•    It can be fun and when it’s fun, it would be easier to get friendly with others. It can be your chance to formally introduce yourself without getting ahead of yourself.

•    It can lighten the mood. In order to not look impulsive or offensive, you should make sure that the mood is light and it would actually be during a game. You can come naturally with confidence to get to know others.

•    It is exciting. Playing this kind of game can make you really think of witty answers that can impress your friends and new acquaintances.

Play With Wit And Humor

To play the game effectively, you should not answer questions too seriously. You should answer with wit as there would always be answers that can show your brains and humor at the same time. Have some laughs on the table.

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