Common Myths Of Slot Machines - Paf Bonuskoodi 2017

It can be frustrating on your part as one of the many who want to try their luck and play slot machines online at paf bonuskoodi 2017. You tried almost everything you know just to increase the odds of your winning. But, at the end of the day, the online slot machine or online casino leaves you penniless. Moreover, when you heard or saw the news about a certain girl who just playing a progressive  slot machine while watching TV, then she realized she won over than 100 million US dollars, - it sounds unfair isn’t it? Yet, keep in mind that it is not about her strategy or the slot machine’s system. Instead, she is just a very lucky girl. More information on paf bonuskoodi on

Myth #1

Some believed that slot machine system can be hacked. Is it possible, but you need to infiltrate a highly sophisticated security feature by gambling software mega corporation like Microgaming, Real Time and Play Tech. These three are the companies which are responsible for many online slot machine games. If you tried to, then there is a possibility that they could track you and get you behind bars. Moreover, keep in mind that the program of these slots are randomized. Hence, there is only 0.001% of chance of getting the right combination.

Myth #2

If  you watched the Ocean Series, then you are probably inspired how Brad Pitt hacked the slot system. Not once but twice. Well , that’s hollywood.. There is no chance that you can trigger the right combination by inserting coins in pattern. Though, there are times that you needed to rest or relax for a while before trying your luck for another round, but this does not make any sense of hacking the system when inserting the coins.

Myth #3

It is funny how many people tried this myth even though it sounds ridiculous. Perhaps you also tried this to a real slot machine. But, there is no logical reason for a slot machine which will be based on the temperature of the coin. In case that some people claimed that this is true, there is a scientific explanation behind this and that is pure luck.

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