Monitoring All Border Patrol Officer With Lie Detector Test

Border patrol officers are law enforcing agents that help in controlling entry and exit in the country or in each state. Their mission is to prevent illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, terrorists, and smuggled goods from entering the state. They also help in preventing human trafficking.

However, there are some instances that a border patrol officers let these instances slip by, either by purpose or by accident. The most common situations are letting in illegal immigrants or smuggled goods. Most of the time, the authorities suspect that the border patrols who let the illegal aliens or terrorist in the state are either bribed by money or they are part of the terrorist group themselves (ie. Spies). More information on lie detector test on

How To Prevent This From Happening?

Several methods are done to prevent such loopholes in the security since such loopholes might cause danger not only to the state but also to its citizens, especially civilians. Since bribery is the most common tactics for illegal immigrants to enter the state.

  • More border patrol officers will be added so that there will be more witnesses in case ofillegal transactions.
  • The use of polygraph exam or commonly called as the lie detector test for each border patrol officers in every 6 months will be considered as mandatory so that authorities will know if they are indeed accepting money from outsiders and allowing illegal transactions like smuggling of goods and illegal drugs.

If the border patrol officer was caught by his colleagues by doing illegal transactions and failed the polygraph exam, the border patrol officer will immediately be removed from the job and lose their pension. Since their job is the most critical especially for the safety of the whole state, they will no longer be given a second chance to work again as a border patrol officer.

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Best Laptops

If you are looking for a great laptop at a cheap price, there are currently the best buy laptops which come at a price of below $600.00.  Used across different sectors, these laptops have been widely used around the world.

With these laptops having the best features, you can even mistake these laptops into expensive ones.  With the sleek and slim-looking designs, these laptops are truly great to use. If you are more curious about best linux laptops then you can learn more about it on

Let’s have a look at a few cheap laptops which are less than $600.

● ACER ASPIRE V5-171-6867

With the price of this laptop at just more than $500, the Acer Aspire has gained the attention of students and professionals alike.  This laptop comes with a 500GB hard drive which is a good deal for the price. It also comes with a Core i5 processor, 6GB of RAM, HDMI, USB 3.0 and even a Bluetooth.


A big laptop with a 17-inch screen, this laptop can fill your desk at a very low price.  A powerful laptop for everyday tasks, the Dell Inspiron 17R has the same outline as the other more expensive Dell laptops.  It has an attractive brushed-metal cover on its keyboard and its lid.


As it’s made by Sony, this laptop has been widely accepted when it was released.  Conducive for portable web surfing and basic everyday works, this laptop does more than what is expected by the society.  It has a graphics hardware which is great for gaming; hence, this laptop has been widely used in the gaming industry.

If you need quality laptops at a cheap price, these three laptops have the best reputation for its capacity to do tough tasks amongst the other laptops in the market.  Have a look at these laptop models and pay the great specifications of these laptops at a very cheap price.

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Safe And Comfortable Maxicab

Maxicab booking offers flexibility of changing into different seat layouts for your traveling needs. Accessibility is the vital principle of underpinning our company’s philosophy. We always believe that the safety of our passengers is our topmost priority.

One of the most luxurious limousine cab and largest in Singapore is the 7 seater Maxi Cab which provides a comfortable and smooth ride going to your destination. Smart travelers like you deserves the best in your trip. Enjoy exclusive use of maxicab for pleasure or business purpose. It is the ideal group carrier, it is spacious enough to fit 7 passengers including your luggage. has various tutorials related to maxi cab.

Rates of Maxi Cab – Flat rate services:

S$55 per transfer (point A to point B)

S$65 per Airport approval transfer - with meet and greet service

S$55 per airport departure transfer

S$55 per hour – minimum of 2 consecutive hours for disposal

S$10 Additional stop

S$15 Midnight charge

S$10 block of 15 minutes waiting time

Payment method: We accept cash and major credit card payment

What we offer:

-          Professional transfer (Airport/ City / Hotel)

-          Hourly disposal

-          Wheelchair and bulky items transfer

-          Sight-seeing when at the roads

-          7 seater luxurious and spacious limousine ride

-          Mini bus services


-          Advance booking available

Your safety is our priority. We will make sure that you will have a safe and comfortable travel with us. We have the highest customer service positive feedbacks. We make sure that our clients will spend their money wise with our services.

Enjoy Singapore and take a look at the best spots. You may either be here for pleasure or for business trip. Your trip will definitely be hassle free if you will book with maxi cab booking. Your time and travel will be worth it.

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